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Q: Do I need to be a member to show with CCBA?                      A: No. You can show with us at any show without being a member. However, only our members qualify for year end awards. This includes horse shows and our affiliate programs.  

Q: When does your year start?                                                     A: Our calendar year runs November 1st through October 31st. You can start incurring affiliate products right now!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?                                 A: Cash, Check, PayPal or Venmo.

Q: Do your points follow one Rider/Horse combo?                    A: No. Horse Show and Affiliate points follow the Rider. There is an exception, and that is the Green Horse Division.

Q: Can I show more than one horse?                                                  A: Of course! Points follow the rider if you show more than one horse in the same class at different shows. If you show more than one horse at the same show you will get two numbers, one for each horse

Q: Can I just use one number all day for all horses I show?          A: No. Due to our High Point Horse Award, we keep track of each horse’s points separately. Those points will be combined for the High Point Rider Award.

Q: I bought a new horse, can I move back down to Walk Trot even though I cantered last year?                                              A: Yes. We ask you declare your Walk-Trot or Walk-Trot-Canter status at the beginning of your show year. Any rider who is proven to show at the walk-trot-canter at another show in the same calendar year may be disqualified. CCBA show manager reserves the right to make the final call on all riding levels. Please note, CCBA and AQHA Walk-Trot eligibility differ.

Q:  Can I ride my horse western in a snaffle two-handed even though he is over 5 years old?                                                         A: Yes. Riders and horses of any age may utilize a snaffle two-handed while riding western. AQHA rules allow for Novice riders to ride a horse of any age with a snaffle as well.

Q: Can I show in the Ranch classes even though my tack has silver on it?                                                                                                A: Depends. CCBA Ranch Classes have different rules than AQHA. You may be disqualified from an AQHA Ranch class with Silver tack. You will NOT be disqualified from a CCBA Ranch Class. We do encourage you to dress “Ranchy”!

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